February Update

I have received this update from John Tyler, the Legislative Aid to Representative Ramos:

Currently, activity in the House is focused on assessing and addressing the Governor’s proposed state budget. That said, we are still reaching out to interested parties with the beer bill language as well as seeking an opportunity to address this issue within the state budget bill.

Things are still moving forward, albeit slowly. Once the state budget work has been completed within the House (early guesses point towards mid to late April), there may be greater opportunity to bring this issue forward. A lot of this comes down to internal timing, and trying to make sure that when we bring this forward there is an opportunity for it to receive attention and not be lost in the legislative workload that comes with the biennial budget bill.

My take:

This is not surprising as John Tyler had previously stated that the state’s budget was going to be the focus of the early part of the year.    I will keep checking to see if they make any progress.   It appears this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint, as I’m sure is the case with any legislative bill.

In the meantime, the petition to raise the ABV has been growing over the last month.  If you haven’t signed it, please take a few moments and check it out.


I would also like to say thanks to Rick at The Ohio Beer Blog for his help in raising awareness with this article:


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4 Responses to February Update

  1. Hi – I’ve been digging around for more information on this. Is it still a timely effort to sign the online petition? If so I want to promote it on my beer blog. I live in Columbus and write a locally-focused based blog and could probably generate some traffic to sign the petition. Thanks!

    • jnrupp says:

      Hi Kelly,

      I believe that the petition is a great way to get people involved and raise awareness. By signing up it allows the creator of the petition to contact respondents with updates.
      Any additional traffic and signatures will help!


  2. Any updates on this?

    • jnrupp says:

      I have been checking periodically and it seems like things are moving very slowly right now. I will post immediately when there is any sort of update. Thanks checking out the site!

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