June/July Update

I have received this update from John Tyler, the Legislative Aid to Representative Ramos:

“We’re still working on drafting a bill that we feel can get the broadest support possible within the House.

Since the State budget has not yet passed, we’ve been holding back on moving this particular piece of legislation forward.  The House and Senate have both passed versions of the State budget and, beginning next week, we should be moving to Conference committee in order to address the differences between the two versions.  Theoretically, the budget should be passed by June 30th, 2013 at which point the House will adjourn for summer recess.

I would anticipate that we would be moving what was H.B. 356 forward no later than the beginning of fall session.  The Speaker has not yet released the session schedule for the second half of this year; however, traditionally it begins just after Labor Day.

I’ll do my best to keep you posted when this gets legs and starts moving.”

My Take:

The state budget passed on June 30th.  Summer session is now in full tilt.  Unfortunately this means congressional sessions are  based on “need” only.  It looks like it will be a low key summer.  Hopefully in the fall we can get some momentum going again.  I will keep updates going on here as I get them.

And you can always sign the petition:



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