January 2014 Update

From the desk of State Representative Dan Ramos

Friends, I am writing you today to update you with the status of House Bill 391, which would change the law in Ohio to change the maximum allowable ABV in beer to 21%.  As you are aware, the current 12% cap faced in Ohio is inconsistent with all but one of our bordering states and inconsistent with the majority of states across the country.  This has resulted in a needless restriction on Ohio’s brewers and has forced tax dollars out-of-state as consumers continue to cross the border into Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan and Pennsylvania to purchase specialty brews not sold in Ohio.


Earlier this morning, H.B. 391 was assigned to the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee in the Ohio House of Representatives.  This committee is chaired byRepresentative Mike Dovilla (R – Berea).  The next step in the legislative process will be for this legislation to receive a first hearing, during which I will go before the committee to describe the legislation and answer any questions the members of the committee may have.  This first hearing is typically referred to as “Sponsor Testimony”.  Chairman Dovilla has ultimate discretion as to when to call this bill forward for sponsor testimony and, once sponsor testimony is held, no further action is guaranteed by the legislature.


Many of you have reached out to my office and asked what you can do to help.  Becoming a public proponent for H.B. 391 is a crucial component in organizing support for this legislation.  I would like to provide the Chairman and members of the committee letters of support from businesses and organizations affiliated with the industry during sponsor testimony.  If you, or someone you know affiliated with the industry, would like to become a public proponent of this legislation please contact my office.  Should you have questions or need assistance in this regard, my legislative aide, John Tyler (John.Tyler@OhioHouse.gov), would be happy to work with you during the process.


If you do not represent a business or affiliated member organization, I would still urge you to reach out and contact your State Representative as well as Chairman Dovilla’s office directly to voice your support for H.B. 391 and ask that it be given timely consideration before the committee. You can find the contact for your State Representative by clicking here and entering your zip code in the bottom left corner of the website.  You can contact the committee Chairperson via the following:

The Honorable Mike Dovilla
77 S. High St., 13th Floor

Columbus, OH 43215

P: 614-466-4895
E: Rep07@OhioHouse.gov


As I mentioned in a previous e-mail, I am hopeful about the progress that can be made on this bill this General Assembly.  There are 21 total legislators in support of raising the allowable ABV in beer to 21%, with nearly equal support from both parties (12 Democrats, 9 Republicans).  This week marks the start of the 2014 legislative session and I look forward to continuing the discussion in pursuit of this goal.  As always, if I can be of any further service to you, please do not hesitate to contact my office.



Dan Ramos

State Representative

56th Ohio House District

Office: 614-466-5141



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